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Posted by misz_evie on October 11, 2012 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (3)

If you look in the "MORE" section of the website you will notice a new page called APPLY TO JOIN.  This is the Official Application for Risqué.  When people want to join all you have to do is refer them to this website.  Does it seem like a lot?  Maybe at first BUT if you remember correctly you all now have Business Cards.  Just send somebody your business card and tell them to use the website to apply.  Its that simple.

Thank you all.

Keema & Evie

106 &Park Interview Rescheduled

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Bws has rescheduled 106&park. The Reschedule date is Sat 10/[email protected] 9pm Est


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As you may or may not already know Risqué has a Twitter and an Instagram for advertisement purposes.  To showcase our talent on these medias we need pictures of your AVI in your ALL ORIGINAL OUTFITS!  Get your bootys moving and do this not now but RIGHT NOW so we can get people looking at us all over the world!

You can send your pictures 1 of 2 ways

Method 1: Playstation 3 - SEND TO KEEMA155

Method 2: E-Mail - SEND TO [email protected]

Thank you everyone,

Keema and Evie


Posted by KEEMA155 on September 26, 2012 at 6:50 AM Comments comments (3)

Sunday Oct 7th @9pmest we will have our 1st Risque Photoshoot. Theme: SwimWear We will be conducting a group picture as well as individuals. Your required to have 1 unique bathsuit. And we ask u to plz be on time. If for any reason you cant make it plz inform a board member asap. Thank You

106 &Park Interview

Posted by KEEMA155 on September 26, 2012 at 6:50 AM Comments comments (3)

Hey ladies. Risque has been asked to do our 1st interview on tues oct 2 at Bws's 106&Park. Evie and i will do the verbal interview and 2 chosen models will be displaying to 2 unique fits. Plz come and support us as we officially introduce Risque to the Playstation Home Community. Thank You

Outfit Fitting For Halloween Fashion Show Changed

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Srry for the incovenience ladies but the Fitting Due Date for the halloween fits has been changed due to an added event. The new fitting date is September 30th (Sunday). plz check the calender and the news to stay up to date with our current events. Thank You


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OCTOBER 19th (FRIDAY) at 9PM EST Risqué will having our FIRST Event.  Check the Calendar for a list of Rehearsals!

3 Required outfits per model.  1. SEXY 2. SCARY and 3. FREESTYLE

Outfits due on fitting date of Sept 30th (Sunday) 8PM EST.  If for any reason you will not be able to make any listed rehearsal or event please notify a PRESIDENT so we can work with your schedule.

Thank you :)

Violets and AAstonish have merged!!

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Keema and Misz Evie would like to thank you all for coming to attend this truly historical fashion merge!  :)  When we look back we see Everybody, when we look ahead, we see NOBODY.  Lets show them why!