Risqué Modeling Agency

Dangerously Fashionable



misz_evie, keema155

Vice President


The Best in PS Home Fashion

"Specializing in the most daring, original fashion that PS Home will ever come to know."

We are Risqué.  A Playstation Home based Modeling Agency only for the cream of the crop in Avatar Fashion.  Risqué; the French word for Risky... Dangerous. We are a group of extraordinarily talented designers and models taking clothing, competition, showcases to the next level.  Risqué models are not scared to break away from the cliché.  We do not only dare to be different, but we are the new leaders and trend-setters for all of Playstation Home in fashion to come.

Where It All Started

Risqué was founded by 'misz_evie' and 'keema155' of Playstation Network.  The original cast comes from the merging of modeling agencys Violets (misz_evie), and Aastonish (keema155).  Both extremely talented in fashion, the two agencys have come together for a common goal. 

History and Experience of the Presidents

misz_evie - Winning Designer of Project Runway Season 2 then moved onto be a judge of Project Runway and The Model Project for the seasons thereafter.  Creator of the Lady Couture Fashion Competition (LCFC) and the Lady Couture Fashion Institute (LCFI) where beginners are taught fashion from the ground up.  She is also the Co-Creator of So.eVo Fashion.  An all original futuristic/urban fashion on PS Home that has had 2 showcase tours and more yet to come.  The former President of Violets Modeling Agency which has also had 2 showcases before the merge with Aastonish to become what is now, Risqué.

keema155 - Winner of Ms. PS Home, which crowned her Ms. PS Home for a month. Has also won a variety of fashion/modeling competitons. Then moved on to become a judge in PS Home's Next Top Model. Not long after, proceeded to host and organized the show.  Has organized many fashion shows, designed, decorated and planned, inspiring her to become a Fashion/Modeling Professor at Higher Learning Education, where she successfully taught and inspired others. Keema155 is Ceo/Founder of Majestic Skull Inc. which hosts a variety of events that serve the Playstation Home Community.  Keema155, in conjunction with Majestic Skull, also presents AAstonish.  A stylish, unique clothing line designed by 2 Majestic Skull Members (Afrofox09 and Ms_Aqua_Fina).  AAstonish is also the name of the Modeling Agency ran by keema155, which is now merging with Violets to become Risqué. 

Requirements & How to Apply

Aspiring Risqué models will be required to have an extensive wardrobe and the proper time dedication neccesary to participate with Risqué events.  You will be held by the highest fashion standards and are expected to yield to constructive critism.  Our models are also expected to regularly add pieces to their wardrobe.  Inexperience is OK in cases where the applicants wardrobe is capable enough.  As an agency, Risqué, teaches and develops our models into experience and independence.

To schedule an interview for entry in Risqué, send a PSN inbox message to either 'misz_evie' or 'keema155'.